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Can I use these fonts to design my logo?
Absolutely! Your purchase of any of the fonts on my website entitles you to a commercial license. You can read it in its entirety here. Enjoy.

We have a font server at our office – Does this mean we only need to buy 1 user license?
No, you need a license for all the devices connected to that server that are going to use the fonts. Any computer connected to that server needs to be covered by your license.

I have licensed your fonts for a project I'm working on. I am sending it to someone else who is doing more work on the project. Can I send your fonts along?
Whoever you are sending the file to will need to purchase a license. Each individual or company must license the font for each machine they own and plan to use the font on. Licensing fonts is like purchasing software. If you give your vendor an Adobe Illustrator file, they will need to purchase their own copy of Adobe Illustrator in order to open the file.

I am using your fonts for a layout project and I'm collaborating with another designer at another company. Can I send them your fonts?
No, they will need their own license. Remember, fonts are treated like software. If you were sharing an Adobe Illustrator file you would both need to purchase your own copy of the software to open the file. Same with fonts.

I want to purchase a license for more than 25 devices. How do I do that?
For orders of more than 25 licenses we do custom pricing. Please contact us at to get a custom quote.

How do I find all the extra characters?
It's actually pretty easy! Check out this tutorial to learn how.

How do I access these special characters in Microsoft Word?
You can access the glyphs palette by following this tutorial.

What about turning on optional ligatures?
To use alternative characters, ligatures, etc. Check out the Opentype palette by reading this tutorial.

Can I sell my fonts with you?
At the moment we are not actively seeking out submissions for additional vendors or contractors, but thank you for your interest.

What program do you make your fonts with?
Glyphs! It's the only way to fly.

Did you know you spelled "Caramel" incorrectly?
Very funny, and yes, it was intentional - Carmel is a name that hybridizes the founders last names - CARne & MELton.

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