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Jason Carne

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Jason Carne

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Inspired by the original "Blackface Bank-Note Roman" designed and engraved by  Edward M. Weeks, Heist is a modern re-interpretation of the primary letter style that has graced American paper currency and postage stamps for well over a century. In redesigning this classic, some of the triangular serifs have been softened and more generous weight has been given to the lighter strokes to diminish some of the extreme contrast points of the source material. There have been a handful of efforts over the years to recreate this letter style digitally, but never before has it been done to this extent, with over 400 glyphs including complete suites of punctuation and fractions, 6 currency symbols, catchwords, diacritical marks for all European Latin languages, and more. 

This heavyweight headliner is perfect for making major statements or packaging some extra punch on your packaging or print work. Familiar yet fresh, classic but contemporary, Heist can be used in any scenario that calls for a bit of extra weight or style.

In the coming weeks, additional styles will be added (such as a drop shadow variant and ruled inline treatment to further enhance your work with this typeface).


Uppercase & Small Caps
Numerals & Punctuation
Catchwords & Fractions
400+ Glyphs
Supports 75+ Latin based languages
OTF file
Designed and Developed by Jason Carne