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Hello Shopify.

Every new entrepreneurial venture requires extensive research, exploration, and of course, a certain degree of trial and error at its onset. Carmel Type Co. has been no exception, and as a young business we're learning to consistently adapt and evolve to fit the needs of our customers and ourselves, and because of this occasionally a big change is a necessity. We're proud to announce one of those big changes here today - we've officially shifted to a new e-commerce platform, moving away from Squarespace to Shopify as our new digital residence and command center. We have made this migration for three major reasons:

  • We can now accept a much wider array of payment options including PayPal, Stripe and Google Wallet. The biggest grievance we've come up against here has been the lack of options we offered when it comes to online payments. Making a payment online shouldn't be a struggle, a hassle, or limited to a handful of choices - we've now made it as quick and simple as possible for you to get what you want, how you want it. 
  • We can also now offer individual weights of fonts for purchase as well as bulk licensing rates! This means you can buy the exact font you want for the exact number of machines you need it for. This will give you more control over what you receive while also rewarding those who may need a large quantity of licenses for bigger ad agencies, design firms, or marketing companies with fair and easy to understand bulk pricing discounts. 
  • When you purchase a font through us on this new platform you will automatically receive new and updated versions of that font in the future (which would include but aren't limited to things like kerning updates, adding extra characters, bug fixes, etc.). This means we can update, expand and improve our fonts while still providing past customers with additional value. 

When we initially launched Carmel Type Co. a little more than a month ago, both Drew and I were embarking on a journey into uncharted territory which was entirely new for the both of us. Running this fledgling foundry has proven itself to be a perpetually demanding and challenging endeavor, but one that has also been extremely rewarding. 

With this new sales platform to call home, many of the major challenges and hurdles we were faced with during our time with Squarespace will now be in our rear view mirror. This will allow us to focus more on type and product development and less on administrative duties and web platform research now that we have a much more robust sales system set in place for the future.

We have a few other equally big announcements in the works that we'll be unveiling over the next few months, so sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop and be in the know. Also, we're offering a 35% limited time discount code offer for your entire order during our inaugural week on Shopify (October 19th-26th) when you input "Shopify35" at checkout. Thanks for reading and making this transition with us!

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Oct 24, 2016 • Posted by Chandra

Thanks for the update, and congrats on the migration! I too migrated from squarespace to shopify and was really lucky to find this app that helped me get my inventory out ( Otherwise, I think I would have been stuck. New shop looks great! Congrats again.

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